Finishing Touch Freedom is a woman’s razor they say is painless and lasts up to 2 years. They tout a blade-free “micro oscillation technology” and a 360 degree rotating head will instantly “sweep away” hair follicles from the surface of your skin.

Freedom is sold and marketed by Idea Village (under the moniker Finishing Touch who also made the Yes! Hair Removal Device). Idea Village has a D rating by the BBB for poor quality products, and its other razor Yes! By Finishing Touch receives spotty reviews from consumers (read more here.)

The Finishing Touch Freedom Pitch

Marketed towards the professional businesswoman, Finishing Touch Freedom promises “freedom” from unwanted body hair as well as nicks, cuts, or razor burns. The infomercial shows women preparing for their busy workday using the Finishing Touch Freedom razor on all areas of the body. To show you how gentle it is, they pass a Finishing Touch Freedom over a balloon, which doesn’t burst.

How Finishing Touch Freedom Works

Finishing Touch Freedom looks like an ordinary razor; what they claim makes it different is its propeller-like swiveling head and “micro oscillation technology” (aka tiny moving blades) that let you remove hair anywhere without any pain, cuts, or burns. According to the website, this works with a “unique, patented, vibrating action”. (BTW, so does UJoy.)

They add the Finishing Touch Freedom will last up to 2 years and your hair will not grow back thicker, guaranteed. (Here’s a secret: In spite of common belief, body hair does not grow back thicker after you shave it.) They also tout its compact design can travel with you and be used anywhere, but it seems no larger (or smaller) than an ordinary razor.

Finishing Touch Freedom includes:

It Costs:

$19.95 plus $7.95 S&H for a total of $27.90. You have 30 days to try Finishing Touch Freedom; if it doesn’t make you feel more powerful at your next business meeting (or any other reason) you can return it for the $19.95 (but they’ll pocket your $7.95.)


Privacy Policy and Arbitration Agreement

This is where Freedom gets more “free” in terms of what they are allowed to do with your personal information. Basically, not only can they use your name, address, and phone number to pitch you more products via email, phone, or snail mail, but they say “from time to time” they make their customer lists “available” to “reputable” third parties. (Read all the juicy deets on the Privacy Policy page.)

Also, when you click “Process Order”, you are signing a binding arbitration agreement. This means you cannot take them to court or join any class action lawsuits against them or their products, two fundamental rights every consumer should have.

Bottom Line: Is Finishing Touch Freedom a Scam?

This product may indeed work as they say (at least it seems to use a blade-like device and not light, like their Yes! razor) but it’s pretty expensive. Even if you use it for the promised 2 year life span, you may not get your money’s worth (although you’ll throw away less disposable razors, which is  good for the environment.) Your hair will definitely not grow back thicker and it is indeed portable. We’ll give you the “freedom” to decide if Freedom is right for you.